Thursday, 22 April 2010

Make money fast

Never have imagined 10 million rupiah fantasy get money without working hard? In your first thought is not possible! but now it can be realized, with one easy way! First you sign up here  You can directly register first, do register, fill in full name etc. and then click join.You can changed later ,if anything you forget ,through the edit profile. The important thing is to register HEREfirst.
The second thing is to spend your money amounting to 250 thousand rupiah ,equivalen about USD 27 , to be transferred to the Admin .After make a bank transfer, do account activation by SMS on +6287 756 456 677 How can type activation member # Name # No ID # QTY transfer # Name of the owner of the bank Admin sender's account # # Date of transfer
Well after that your account will be activated, including the link you can use to promoted.After your account active, up to you to become a active member or passive, two fixed both will receive the money 10 million rupiah.

Your money is sent by 250 thousand, there would be 10 million rupiah, without using the table, without a Percentage, without any grouping of the group, without sales, you have to do is wait for their turn to get Cash Bonus Royalties amounted to 10 million rupiah.
The explanation is this:
Each period of withdrawal of 100 members, six people based on their order of activation will get 10 million cash transferred to your savings account .After these six people to get cash bonus royalty, then the next person's turn six, and so on and does not distinguish active member or pasive member .You can register more than one ID, and will get a multiplication, for example, you sign up 5 ID , it will get 5 x 10 million = 50 million.

Bonus behind the capital is given bonus totaling 250 thousand, to 50 members who paid two times the period of the sequence, based aktivation.Means that every member will get back their capital amounting to 250 thousand each period of withdrawal of 100 members.
Well if your capital is returned, you are just waiting for the Bonus Cash Royalty total 10 million into your savings account.
Curious? Register HERE first >and then do the activation.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Free Traffic Bar

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